The registration fee will be $100,000 for the first wine entered; $95,000 per sample for the entry of two wines; and $90,000 per sample for the entry of three wines. From the fourth wine entry onwards, the fee per sample will be $85,000 per wine.


  • 1 wine: $100,000
  • 2 wines: $190,000
  • 3 wines: $270,000
  • 4 wines: $340,000 (and thereafter $85,000 for each new wine entered)

Early bird registrations, before August 31st, will have a special price of $85,000 per sample, regardless of the number of wines to be entered into the competition.

The registration fee for “Small Producer” will also be $85,000 per wine, starting from the first entered sample (maximum production of 30,000 bottles/year). To qualify for this fee a sworn statement, auditable by the competition organization, will be required.

A special $50,000 registration fee per sample (maximum production of 30,000 bottles/year) will be charged for personal projects of ANIAE Active Members.

Registration for international wines is USD$ 120 per sample. This does not include shipping, customs, or other import costs.

The above-mentioned fees do not include VAT (tax-exempt invoice).


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